Asexual and Sexual Reproduction and Gametes.

For Biology Class, we had to take notes of some videos posted in our Biology professors’ blog and pages 198 and 199 from our biology book.


There are two types of reproduction, Sexual and Asexual.

when an offspring is formed, the little organism obtains chromosomes from it creator, or creators. Chromosomes contain the genetical structure of one, the DNA.

Asexual Reproduction:

-When one organism, one parent, produces an offspring alone.

-The offspring will have the exact same genetical structure as its creator, making them identical.

-Asexual reproduction mainly done by plants.

Sexual Reproduction:

-It involves Different sex cells called Gametes

-When these two gametes collide, and they are fertile, they might for a new organism.

-when a new organism is form, it is called Zygote.

-When a new organism is formed, this Zygote will not be identical to its ‘parents’, because it contains different genetic structures from chromosome from their creators.


-They contain half of chromosomes as usual.

-When two of them fuse together the zygote will have the correct number of chromosomes.

-Human have 46 chromosomes on the body cell, but the  human ovul and sperm have 23 different kinds.

-The offspring produced from Sexual Reproduction is not identical to its ‘parents’, because it receives different chromosomes from both its creators.

-Diploid Cell: a cell with full number of chromosomes.

-Haploid Cell: when a cell has two different sets of chromosomes, like Ovules and Sperm, and when both sets fuse, they make a Diploid Zygote.

-Plants have the two same sets of chromosomes and the same reactions when they collide.

-When gametes are separated, they are called meiosis.

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